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Ethical Targeted Advertising



Complimentary Outdoor Wi-Fi


Thanks to a secured operating system and to VPN connections, your data are safe


Our free Wi-Fi offer provides unlimited high-speed internet access (up to 4Mbs with 10,000 concurrent users)

Made for everybody

Available in the street, with no engagement, no fee, everyone can be connected to the Internet using any Wi-Fi compliant device

Low Radio Emission Level

We limit the Wi-Fi emission to a low level for the population nearby thanks to swiveling antenna. It allows a powerful Wi-Fi transmission while controlling the level of emission.

A powerful terminal

Based on an ambitious network infrastructure and powerful hardware, you'll feel the speed

Life proof

Build by highly skilled mechanical engineers using the best available materials. Waterproof, solid, it's not afraid of the street !

No Personal Tracking

Our users keep their browsing activity to themselves. We do not track, sell or use your data. You love your privacy, we do to.


Using the Wi-Fi is completely free for the users thanks to a ad-based business model. Our ad supports are placed on each terminal using 70" screens allowing diffusion of video commercials with no sound.


We truly believe that Wi-Fi access should be offered to all at all time. Whether you are a tourist with no data subscription, a mobile addict with an already consumed data subscription or someone with a poor phone reception, there are multiple cases where you would like to have access to a Wi-Fi connexion without having to run accross the city.

We aim at helping cities or public services to deploy highly performant and scalable Wi-Fi network in order to offer complimentary Internet access to the population. Our terminal, Neuron, along with our powerful network infrastructure allows to create a Wi-Fi network that covers a large portion of the population with a limited number of terminals. The service is funded thanks to the advertising revenue generated through the large digital screens on each terminal.

Meet The Team

Grégoire Audibert

Grégoire Audibert

Chief Executive Officer

In charge of the strategy and the development of Winter Mushroom, Grégoire focusses on the growth of the startup

Arthur Latimier

Arthur Latimier

Chief Technology Officer

In charge of the web conception and the network architecture, Arthur uses the best of the present technology to offer you an effective online service

Benoît Audibert

Benoît Audibert

Concept Artist

In charge of the graphic design of every projects, Benoît works hand in hand with the technical crews to shape the future products and interfaces

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

External Advisor

Robert spent a lot of time working in OOH and now makes us benefits from his experience.

What we do


Our mission is to deploy free Wi-Fi network for cities and communities.


We build performant and reliable network, infrastructures based on our skills and our partners expertise.


We provide innovative digital advertising spaces that maximizes ad viewability without alienating our clients' prospects.


We take care of the monitoring of our infrastructure and we are performing the maintenance and evolution of our systems.

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