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    Personalized, Not Personal

Targeted ads to increase customer conversion in-store

Our Solution

Innovative, relevant and high-performance digital in-store advertising to enable retailers to increase their customer conversion for a point of sale and to offer consumers advertising tailored to their profile, while respecting their privacy


Thanks to our in-store digital kiosk, advertising personalization without the use of personal data, is possible !


Our in-store digital kiosk incorporates a technology combining advanced image recognition and algorithms without the use of personal data. We do not save any image and make no link between the profiles and the identity of the person, in full compliance with the GDPR.


The message is delivered in real time to the right person, at the right time: the in-store advertising display is adapted in real time to customer profiles (gender and age) and context (ongoing promotions, weather ...).


Our centralized management and monitoring tool makes it possible to program your campaigns in a few minutes, to enrich your attendance knowledge and to optimize the performance of your digital in-store advertising.

Use cases

The Team

Winter Mushroom gather a team of passionate engineers based in Orléans, France. Winter Mushroom's team put their technical expertise that combine image processing and deep learning available for retail and marketing professionnals.

Grégoire Audibert

Grégoire Audibert


Strategy and development

Arthur Latimier

Arthur Latimier


Web and infrastructure

Benoît Audibert

Benoît Audibert

Software engineer/Concept Artist

Design et developpement

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

External Advisor

Strategic counsel

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