Improving the perception of the client's environment

Food court queue

It is obvious that you would rather spend time in a pleasant environment than in a generic, noisy place. This rule applies primarily to your home, but it also applies when you go out.

In restaurants as well as in shops, it is the furniture, the signage and the sound environment that will trigger these feelings in you, and thus define whether the environment is hostile or pleasant.

Let's talk about our specialty: signage. Why is it important not to neglect it?

Some retailers limit themselves to static displays, paper or digital screens, which can give their customers an impression of lack of renewal, even boredom. Especially in waiting areas.

With a digital display and regularly updated content, customers look at new content, learn more about your brand, improve their understanding of your products and therefore increase their desire. The perceived waiting time is greatly reduced! Even for your regular customers.

In the fast-food industry in particular, the strategic positioning of screens before where the order is taken (whether in the restaurant or at the drive-through), allows customers to be informed about the menus of course, but above all to dynamically and proactively highlight the menus of the day. The customer is ready when he takes his order and everything is more fluid.

In the hotel industry, the same type of information display in the lobby can be used to highlight the hotel's services, with a display targeted at gender, we can even imagine highlighting the SPA for ladies and the golf course for gentlemen. Instead of being a simple passage area, the lobby becomes an information and planning area.

We will talk about the impact in non-food shops in the next article!??

See you soon!