Traders : Turn off your screens!


Traders : Turn off your screens!


Yes, I know, it starts as a mood post, and to tell the truth, we're not very far from it. For some time now that we have been offer shop window screens at Winter Mushroom, I always hear the same story: screens pollute as much or more than paper.


Of course, one can answer that in an energy mix like France's, the carbon impact of electricity consumption is low. You can answer that the change in content causes the consumption of polluting ink, diesel for delivery, water to make the paper, and that paper may emit less greenhouse gases (although...), but above all it destroys other resources.


All these arguments make sense, but still... they are not satisfactory. They are not satisfactory because we could do better: turn off the screens.


Mind you, I'm not talking about turning them off completely and stopping communicating with your customers, that would be counterproductive. I'm talking about turning them off when no one is looking.


So how do you do it? Well, at Winter Mushroom we took this crazy bet, and we developed a sensor that allows us to know if there is a human passing in front of a screen. Indeed it can detect a human, even included in a car, or on a motorbike. And of course in a totally anonymous way (the sensor only indicates if there is a human, nothing else).


With this information, we can turn off the screens that don't see anyone for 5 minutes, then turn them back on as soon as someone arrives!


I can hear the marketing experts telling me "But Grégoire, there's nothing worse than a screen that's turned off, it's ugly and it's useless! Yes, except that it's only turned off if no one is looking at it, so what's the problem? The time it takes to turn on when someone arrives?


I agree it can be. But look at it this way: you're walking down the street, in the distance a shop window is a bit dark, no message at your destination. You take two more steps and suddenly three screens light up in the window, inviting you to come in and see the latest product in the range. You can tell me it's not beautiful, but don't tell me you haven't seen it!


For the economy part:


Let's take a 55" window display that consumes 240W and runs 24 hours a day. Its electricity consumption is 240x24x365/1000 = 2102kWh for a year, i.e. 210Kg of CO2 emitted and 182€ spent (EDF pro bleu 6KVA in base).


Thanks to the sensor, let's admit that it is switched off 20% of the time (this is an easy assumption as there are often fewer people at night), we fall to 1681kWh per year, i.e. 168Kg of CO2 emitted and 36€ saved.


At 50% off, we go down to 1051kWh, which is 105KG of CO2 emitted and 90€ saved.